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What is "Body Code"?

"Body Code" helps to make different between e.g. two Vauxhall Astra. One car brand renews their model almost every 4-5 or 6 years. It means they also will produce Astra but the new version will have newer look. So.. If we start to talk about one Valuxhall Astra we don't know yet which version of Valuxhall Astra we are talking about. We always should make difference between old or new version of body, carosserie! The car factories have figured out Body/Carosserie code for every model.


Valuxhall Astra F --> older version
Valuxhall Astra H --> newer version
Valuxhall Astra J --> newest version


BMW 316i E30 --> older version
BMW 316i E46 --> newer version
BMW 316i E90 --> newest version

The difference between these models is the Body Code!

What is "Also Called"?

Sometime one type of vehichle has been produced by few different model name depends on countries!


We talk about same car:
Opel Astra --> Whole Europe or
Valuxhall Astra --> In United Kingdoom

So if you know what other names the car has been called, then type it in "Also Called" field.

What is "Production" selection tool?

What period one model has been produced. From - Untill

What is "Front View"?

This is how it looks:
Clear, close-up picture where doors of the car are being closed and the registration plate has been removed.

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