Here you can find more information about getting banned and what the reasons can be.

You can be banned if:

  1. You had uploaded/added an entry and the administrator deleted it by some reason (e.g. you had not followed the uploading instructions) and after you upload it again wrongly. We DO NOT have time to notice you about every mistake. You must read the uploading instructions before uploading. If you reupload something after deleting by administrator.
  2. You upload few useless enries just to get extra points! Then we'll delete your useless entries and we'll notice you but after if you still carry on this fake, useless uploading just to get points you get banned.
  3. You upload "out of subject" pictures to an entry. Dont upload pictures eg. about your girlfriend or holiday because you will get banned.
  4. You upload entries without the essential pictures. Please follow the uploading requirements.
  5. If you reuse and reupload someone else's picture just because yours is missing.
  6. If you upload faked, cloned VIN or engine number pictures to the "Database" section instead of "Real or Fake" you will get banned immediately.
  7. If you share, like the content (Facebook, Google, Twitter etc..) just to get points for it and exchange it for membership.

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