Did you know online vin check doesnt give you peace of mind about your car? Often cars dont get written off and your car maybe was involved in an accident that you dont know.


We are going to try to explain what happens when you buy car. Usually you go to a dealer and pick your car. Wehen you agree on the price  you fill in the registration papers and send it off to DVLA. The DVLA sends you back the new registration paper of your car. And you already could have bought a stolen car. Why?

Here is an example:
"A" car (eg. blue Toyota Avensis, year 2003) was stolen
"B" car (same as above blue Toyota Avensis, year 2004) was written off by and accident

Car thief somehow buys just (!) the registration paper (for very cheap) of B car and steal a very similar car (in this case car "A") and change "A" car`s VIN or even the engine number for car "B". Simple process you dont have to have highly skilled person to swap the numbers just to have some basic weldig/fabricating knowledge. The car thief takes the stolen car (A) to a car dealer with other car`s (B) registration papers. Thats it.
Easy isnt it?! This is where a beginner car thief can be cought because if the new owner thinks something can be suspicious about their car to be bought they can request a "VIN check" via text message and there our new buyer will realize something wrong about their car (A). So what qualified car thieves do at high level? They all know about this and they just have to buy/find a registration papaer of a car which had not been reported or had not been written off. If they find there is no way to find out what happened.
Except if you check your VIN or engine number physically. Basicaly this is what VIC (vehicle identification check) does. You can read more about VIC or read our article how you can find out if your car was faked...

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