Here in this article we`ll try to explain you what does car cloning or ringing mean.

 In simple words someone who has the knowledge about vehicle IDs and handy enough is able to swap two similar cars` VIN plate or data plate. You dont have to be expert to change the VIN but you must be aware of thet this is a crime. DO NOT do it. This article just tries to explain you how easy it is and why you shouldnt do it.
A thief steals a car and wants to make money of it. He just has to buy another car`s registration papers which is cheap by some reasons (it was involved in a car accident or it has had engine failure) eg. the fixing costs more than the whole value of the car and had not been written off. We call it car "A". And there is a stollen car "B". The thief just has to change the VIN plates and hes got a good car with "clean" registration papers. We explain this here again or please read the related links:

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