Vehicle Identity Check or VIC. What is that and is it a good thing? Would be if... please read more.

You can apply for a VIC test at DVLA or any MOT centre but the question is does it do its job or not?
When you apply for this VIC/VIN check they will check your vehicle identification number physically. It could be a good thing but we thing it just isnt. Who wants to pay for such examination if it they dont have to. If someone thinks their car is suspicious they go for it. But not everyone is interested or they just dont want to pay for an extra thing if that is not compolsory. In many countries this VIC test is mandatory and by this VIN check they cut the numbers of stollen cars. By this check they overlook if the VIN is still in the original state or someone had cloned it. This identity check should be done at every car sale or purchase and they could filter who or which owner cloned the car.

Here is a quiz to give you example to find who ringed the car:
Eg. 2nd owner did a VIC (where the car was still in its original state) and after he sold the car to the 3rd owner. 3rd owner didnt do a VIC but when he wants to sell his car the 4th owner does a VIC check again where they find out the car was faked and someone changed the VIN. So who is the car thief? First, second, third or fourth owner? Must be the 3rd owner because when 2nd owner did a VIC check the car was still in original state. They have the car thief (3rd owner) who my lead to a whole crime organization.

Here are two problems.

  1. The problem is if the 2nd owner didnt do the VIC check they couldnt have found out who cloned the car. The first, second or maybe the third owner. Thats why it should be compulsory this VIN check at every car purchase. Than it would be easy to find out who cloned the car. In some countries they have cut with 80% the numbers of stollen cars.
  2. No-one is going to pay for and extra service (VIC check) if that is not compulsory.

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