How we find the cloned VINs? Read more.

Our experts have got over 10 years experience in this area.We have seen thousands of BMW or Mercedes etc. VINs, firewalls or engine numbers and we have a complete picture database with original VIN and engine numbers and we can compare the stamped VIN or engine number to the original state. But this is just one way that you see. Other things are hidden in plain sight. We check the paint or sealant aroud vehicle identification number and if the number had been faked we will find it out. A car also has plenty of hidden IDs which can prove the origin of the car. If these IDs are missing we have to find out why? What was the reason to remove unique IDs from the vehicle?
We have a "Real or Fake" menu where you can upload and ask us for our opinion. This online tool can give you 60% peace of mind your car was not cloned or faked. We have to check your car physically to tell you for 100%. (We cant see in the picture what is behind the paint or sealant!)
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