Anyone can freely browse our database without registration. You can check each car's entry contains a detailed description of the place of the VIN and engine number, data plate. After purchasing a subscription you will have access to the membership area and to the image gallery to each car's entry. In the pictures we marked with red arrows the VIN and engine number. You can also check the pictures by a free membership on the website but you need the following in order to get:

6 months or 1 year free membership

You will need to upload vehicles to our "Database" section where you will get points for. After we approved your uploading you can exchange your points for memberships. Read more

1 year Free Membership:

You have to upload a faked/modified VIN or engine number for vote into our "Real or Fake" section. (Note that if you upload faked, cloned VIN or engine number pictures to the "Database" section you will get banned immediately!) The uploaded VIN or engine number must be faked, cloned to help educate visitors, users to discriminate between real and faked stamps, characters. In order to get 1 year free membership the following rules apply to the votes:

  • The vote must have 5 uploaded pictures at least of the place of the modification or/and the environment
    In case of modified VIN: Motor bay or where the physical manipulation happened to the chassi. Pictures of welding, grinding, manipulating, repainting)
    In case of modified engine number: Several photos of modified stamp in the engine housing, crank case. Trace of grinding, welding or attempt to modify the engine number in any other way.
  • The vote uploader cannot vote their own vote.
  • You only get free membership if the vote turns out as a "Fake". Other 15 vote needs from our registered members to get free membership automatically from our system.


*If someone tries to cheat with manipulating the vote or modify a picture and we notice this you may get banned.


3 days Trial Membership:

To get 3 days trial membership on the website you have to have the followings:

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          • A valid Facebook account with a confirmed email address.
          • You have at least 60 friends on Facebook.
          • You must share our website on Facebook by using the "Share" button.
          • You must "Like" our website
            You must comply all 4 requirements above to receive free trial membership!
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          • Your Twitter account/registration must be at least 180 days old.
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*After login you are not able to delete your Twitter or Facebook account from our site and you wont be able to reregister using Twitter or Facebook Login.
*Once your free subscription ran out you can't get new Free Trial again just if you purchase a subscription.
*You don't get free trial using Google login. Free trial currently works only with Facebook and Twitter login.