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    The new VinNumber.Info comes with a selection of three unique features, each with a great support on the site. After registration you can search in our database between 2200 uploaded European models with the place of the VIN, engine number and few entries have marked with the place of ODB connector. Read More
  • Real or Fake?

    If you have doubt about your VIN being fake or real we help you to decide. You just have to take few pictures of your vehicle identification number or engine number and our experts tell their opinion and answer in few hours. This feature is FREE of charge! Try us out now! Read More
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    We encourage our users and visitors to develop our website with becoming an active uploader no matter what your nationality is or what country you live in. We have built a point system and you get points after each upload or vote/comment on the site. If you find it interested and you think you also could develop the site please click on "Read More" Read More
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Location of the numbers

Everything is about numbers! We show you where you find your engine number or VIN.


Place of OBD connectors

We can show you the exact location of your OBD diagnostic connector.


Real or Fake online VIC test

Online VIC test tool where we try to check you VIN by pictures.


 Please check out our FAQ menu.



Forum Support

Sorry. This feature is not available at this moment.


Email Support

Email support is strictly dedicated to account and pre-sales questions.


Premier Support

Provides a one-on-one incident management system with a 2 hour response time.