Location of VIN & Engine number

If you are MOT tester, authorised examiner or a motor vehicle expert you've met problem that you didn't find some vehicle's VIN & chassis or the engine number. Whether it is a motorcycle, bus or car you may find our website useful. We don't just show the location of these identifications but using our pics you will be able to decide that your identification numbers have been tempered with or if they've got genuine stock characteristics.

Where is the VIN number? Place of the Vehicle Identification Number? How does the VIN number look? Where is the OBD/DLC connector?

This freshly started website has set itself a target to resolve this problem! After the registration our website and its database will be available which we've been continuously updating and enriching from the oldest one to the newest vehicle (car, bus, HGV, RV) types. The website contains many makes and models with photographs of vehicle identification number and engine number along with exact description, what, where or how you can find on the vehicle. The numbers (VIN and engine) are shown on the pictures as came out of the factory without falsification or any modifications. We aim to help experts to identify a tempered VIN. This is the first step towards finding a stolen vehicle.

Possible to use different registrations on our webpage but currently anybody may register who is interested in this topic. We are looking for partners (firms, MOT testers, examiners) who can help with the development of the database and who can support our website with their precise works, their photographs, their exact descriptions. There are daily, monthly and annual access registration of our web page.