Frequently asked questions

Extra Image upload

You can add extra images to all uploaded entry. 
Sometimes it happens that one user had made and upload and their entry either lacks of important pictures or the pictures are blurry. If you think a picture can be improved by you or you can add missing important details you can add them to an exsisting entry. We can replace/exchange the bad pictures to a better ones. So if you have a better picture of anything, do not hesitate to upload it. You can see an "Extra image upload button" at the bottom of each entry. You just should click on and you are already able to add extra picture to anyone's entry!

We will reward you 2 point and 1 quote for each uploaded extra image.

How can you get banned?

You can be banned if:

  1. You had uploaded/added an entry and the administrator deleted it by some reason (e.g. you had not followed the uploading instructions) and after you upload it again wrongly. We DO NOT have time to notice you about every mistake. You must read the uploading instructions before uploading. If you reupload something after deleting by administrator.
  2. You upload few useless enries just to get extra points! Then we'll delete your useless entries and we'll inform you but after if you still carry on this fake, useless uploading just to get points you get banned.
  3. You upload "out of subject" pictures to an entry. 
  4. If you reuse and reupload someone else's picture just because yours is missing.
  5. If you upload faked, cloned VIN or engine number pictures to our "Database".
  6. If we assume that you are stealing and sharing our pictures with a third party.
Uploading guide.

How do you become an uploader?

To start to upload to the website you have to register first.

You need to log in by Facebook or Google but if you dont have any of these the easiest way is to go and visit Google Mail registration page and register an email address with Google. Once you have done this you can log-in by your Google account on our website and start to upload to the site.


Please note: You wont be able to see others' entries and pictures until you uploaded few entries (which they have been accepted by the administrators) and exchange your points to membership. Once you collected 50 points you can go to membership page and pay by your points for the memberships. 

Every one makes us happy who wants to join our developer team and who wants to become an uploader. Great pleasure if someone can upload to our site that datasheets (vehicles) which DOES NOT (!) exist in our database. If you want to become an uploader you just should sign up on our website either by social login or by our subscriptions but before you register definitely read this user guide below because you can find a lots of useful guide to upload. We can't accept wrong or deficient datasheets! If we find your uploading wrong or deficient we must delete it! In such cases where you filled up your datasheet with bad quality photos or lack of essential photos. The reason of this we don't want to show chaos and half empty datasheets on our site.

Essential Photos:

  • 1. Front view of vehicle. A photo where at you can see the vehicle front and the doors's side in one pic. The doors (if it has) must be closed. Here is our sample entry: Vauxhall Vivaro 1.9 DTI If you took a picture of one vehicle please remove the license/registration plate from the photo. You can easily do this by our picture editor after uploading your picture.
    This is how "Front view" looks:
  • 2. Position of VIN. A further photo where everyone can recognize the surrounding parts of the vehicle and everyone can see where the number's exact place/location is. On this picture you will need to add and mark the VIN location using red arrows. Adding red & blue arrows to a photo is quite easy with our built-in picture editor. You can use this image editor tool as soon as you uploaded the picture. If the VIN number and engine number close to each other you can place more arrows on the picture. Once you uploaded the picture you hit "Edit" button next to photo and our image editor will pop-up.  (Please note that blue arrows are not allowed to mark location of the VIN number or engine number! Blue arrows used to mark OBD connectors only!)
  • 3. Position of engine number. A futher photo of the place of engine. Please open the hood to take this picture. :) Please mark with red arrows on the photo (by our image editor tool) where the engine number is.
  • 4. Position of VIN plate. A further photo where surrounding parts of the vehicle are visible and everyone can where this data plate exact location is. The data plate (or VIN plate) could be a plastic foil (sticker) or metal plate which has to contain the Vehicle's Identification Number. It is usually fitted by some adhesive (if it made of PVC) or rivet or screw.
  • 5. Characteristic of VIN number. A close up picture of VIN number where at everyone can see well the 17 characters of VIN. It must be a close-up picture of VIN!
  • 6. Characteristic of Engine number. A close up picture of engine number where at everyone can see well the characters of engine number. It must be a close-up picture of engine number! You can certainly take more than one pic of the engine number. We know sometimes it's difficult. Entries without engine number will not be allowed! You always have to take picture of engine number and upload it! Unfortunately we must delete entries which lacks of engine number.
  • 7. Look of VIN plate. A close up picture of data plate where the characters of data plate are recognizable.
  • 8. Other. You can add 12+1 pictures to each entry. You can upload other pictures which help to recognize or find the numbers on a vehicle You can make more pictures of the place of engine number. The purpose of the website to show the correct characteristic of the numbers as well. More pictures give better understanding of the positions of these numbers.

How should you fill in the form correctly?

When you are filling our "Add entry form" should will need to add the exact model of the vehicle. Please dont add the make of the vehicle! For example take an Opel Astra H 1.7 CDTI car. Then you should type the "Type" field: "Astra H 1.7 CDTI" without "Opel"! The "Opel" make to be picked by the Make selector drop-down.
You must type in in the "Model" field:

  1. Exact name of type. E.G. Astra
  2. Name/short code of body E.G. Astra H or BMW E30
  3. Cubic capacity E.G. 1.7
  4. Other details. For example type of fuel injection. E.G. CDTI
  5. DO NOT type in the trim levels! DO NOT type in something like this: GLXElegance, etc...

Body Code: The "Body Code" is not the VIN number! It is the chassis code. E.g. Astra H --> just an "H" character or in BMW E30 case just an E30 code!

When you type in the engine code DO NOT add the serial numbers after engine code! We need just the engine code so we can identify the engine. You can use AutoData short codes. Usually the engine number contains 3 to 6 characters before its serial number.

Watch our tutorial video how you should upload an entry correctly:

What does "uploaded entry" mean?

Uploaded entry is that our database already contains! For example if we've already got an Opel Astra H 1.7 CDTI vehicle uploaded then you could upload another Opel Astra H 1.6. Same make along with same model can be uploaded but only if the size of the engine is different to the uploaded one! You CANNOT upload another Astra H with same engine! The cubic capacity or the chassis code must be different! If you upload the same model with the same engine then your entry will be deleted.

After you uploaded an entry you can modify or delete your own entry. You can find the "Modify" or "Delete" buttons when you are logged in at the bottom of your own uploaded entry. No one has permission to modify or delete your uploaded entry but you or the site administrators. If you find any mistake or bug on our website on one of our entry just give us a notice by our contact form.


How to get a new category?

If you dont find the right category (Car Make) in the list...

What then if you want to upload a vehicle but you can't find its category on the site?
You should click on our contact menu and you should ask us for a new category (make). We are able to put out new categories in 1 day.

Add Entry Form FAQ

What is "Body Code"?

"Body Code" helps to make different between e.g. two Vauxhall Astra. One car brand renews their model almost every 4-5 or 6 years. It means they also will produce Astra but the new version will have newer look. So.. If we start to talk about one Valuxhall Astra we don't know yet which version of Valuxhall Astra we are talking about. We always should make difference between old or new version of body, carosserie! The car factories have figured out Body/Carosserie code for every model.


Valuxhall Astra F --> older version
Valuxhall Astra H --> newer version
Valuxhall Astra J --> newest version


BMW 316i E30 --> older version
BMW 316i E46 --> newer version
BMW 316i E90 --> newest version

The difference between these models is the Body Code!

What is "Also Called"?

Sometimes one type of vehichle has been produced under few different model name depending on countries!


We talk about same car:
Opel Astra --> Whole Europe or
Valuxhall Astra --> In United Kingdoom

So if you know what other names the car has been called, then type it in "Also Called" field.

What is "Production" selection tool?

The date period that one model has been produced. From - Untill

What is "Front View"?

This is how it looks:

Clear, close-up picture where doors of the car are closed and the registration plate has been removed.

Why has my entry been deleted?

We expect from everyone to upload clear pictures and the correct informations to be chosen by our select list but here you can read the main reasons..

- If you did not upload the essential pictures!
Essential pictures:

1 - Front view
2 - Picture of vin number! (A close-up picture! Can be more pictures)
3 - Picture of engine number! (A close-up picture! Can be more pictures)
4 - Picture of data plate!
5 - Position of vin number! (Can be more pictures and we MUST see the components, accessories, fittings around the numbers to make it easy the locate the numbers!!)
6 - Position of engine number! (Can be more pictures and we MUST see the components, accessories, fittings around the numbers to make it easy the locate the numbers!!)
- Do not upload duplicate entry!

If the model already exist in the database you don't have to upload it again because it has JUST different engine code! We make difference just between model and cubic centimetre! Do not upload same model again because the vehicle has different color, different engine number! We are not engine number and VIN number collector website! We show where you can find the numbers and OBD ports! Thats it! So if those numbers appear on different place as had uploaded entry has then you can upload it!

- Do not upload unwanted pictures!
We don't need it we don't want it! You should upload just the essential pictures. No more, no less! We won't need the backside of the vehicle, the dash (except if you want to mark on the location of OBD port).

- DO NOT mark one identification number by two or more arrows! This is NOT a drawing competition!

- DO NOT upload useless pictures!
Don't upload dim pictures and pictures where we can't recognise anything! Don't upload 4 pictures of engine number or VIN number where we can't see, recognise anything because of dim or far-off picture!

- DO NOT take picture 4 meters far from the car! We need clear and close-up picture of everything to make easy to locate the numbers and identifications!

- DO NOT type the model names (Opel, BMW, etc..) and trim levels (GLX, Elegance, Hatchback etc..) into the type field when you fill in the uploading form! No one cares!

Point & Quota system

We use a point and quota system on our website. Here you can read how much point you can get and for what.

At first you can get 1 day trial membership to our website is you use social login. We have introduced a point system on our website!
1 full entry uploading    (including 5 pictures at least) 10 point
Upload extra images to an excising entry 2 point / pic
Extra quota for uploading a full entry 4  
Extra quota for adding extra image to an excising listing 1 / pic


You can pay with your points for memberships.

Membership:  Give access to our website. Membership also comes with quota.
Quota: The number of listing you can view in the period of your membership. You can get extra quota by uploading new listings.

Silver Membership     (6 months):    50 point + 90 quota
Golden Membership   (1 year):         120 point + 200 quota

If you want to pay/exchange your points for membership click here and choose a membership and choose "Pay with my points" option.

Please read the uploading guide in our FAQ and DO NOT upload those entries which are already excist in our database. Otherwise your entry will be removed or you may get banned! Why else you can get banned? 


Here is a video tutorial how you can exchange your points: