VinNumber.Info - Reloaded 2014!

Introducing the new VinNumber.Info with a fresh new design and features where your can check your VIN and engine number. The website has been extended with more features and the website`s native language has also become English. Why we had to change? When the time comes you have to go BIG. Our website engine was getting old and we needed some facelift.

There were unused features that we have got rid of and new options have come up. We upgraded to a newer and faster website engine and we upgraded our hosting service due to high volume of visitors on the side. As today is everything about going social we also got involved with Facebook and integrated many features to be fresh and uptodate. 

As part of the upgraded website we upgraded out website and database to the newest Joomla CMS engine and to improve the speed of the website we use Varnish Static, Dynamic and Memcache on our hosting. We hope after you check out the new design you will be happy with the changes but any opinions or suggestions are welcome.